ActualEyes Inc. replaces corneal
transplantation with its innovative cell
therapy and pharmaceutical treatment


In Japan, novel technologies which are linked to innovative therapies are born one after another by academia like universities. On the other hand, there are very few cases that such novel technologies can be delivered to the patients as the successful therapeutics.
ActualEyes Inc. focuses intently on our effort to research and develop the novel pharmaceutical therapies and cell therapy, based upon the research seeds developed by Drs. Noriko Koizumi and Naoki Okumura, Doshisha University. Our commitment is to deliver such new pharmaceutical therapies and cell therapy to patients and to society with sureness and swiftness, with a mission that the research results of Doshisha University leading the corneal endothelial research in the world will be realized and a beacon of hope can be brought to the patients who are suffering from impaired eyesight.

ActualEyes Inc.
President & CEO
Iku Sugioka


We take great pride and pleasure in announcing that ActualEyes Inc., in collaboration with our laboratory at Doshisha University, has initiated product development of cell-therapy and pharmacological treatments for corneal endothelial diseases. Cell therapy is a promising alternative to conventional corneal transplantation, and our expectation is that it will provide a less invasive and more effective therapeutic modality for treating corneal endothelial dysfunction. In our laboratory, we have established a cultivation protocol that allows us to grow human corneal endothelial cells and to use these cells in surgical procedures. This work has since been expanded to clinical research in cell therapy at the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, beginning in 2013. We have confirmed the safety and efficacy of cell-injection therapy in clinical research involving more than 30 cases, and a physician-initiated clinical trial is currently ongoing. We are also keen to develop pharmacological treatments for corneal endothelial diseases, especially Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy (FECD), which is currently the most common indication for corneal transplantation in the world. Replacement of surgical procedures with pharmacological treatment of corneal endothelial diseases is a “dream” not just for physicians but for patients as well. We have already identified several promising candidate pharmaceuticals as our pipelines. Our team of specialists at ActualEyes Inc. is dedicated in its efforts to realize this “dream” of a nonsurgical treatment for corneal blindness and to hold out new hope for patients with corneal blindness worldwide.

Chief Scientific Officer
Professor, Doshisha University Noriko Koizumi, M.D, Ph.D.

Vice President, Manager of Research and Development Dept
Professor, Doshisha University Naoki Okumura, M.D, Ph.D.